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Six Components of a Good Detox: 11-day Slim Down Detox & Cleanse program with Karina Miller from Ardsley, NY

Jun 03, 2014 05:26PM

There are a million reasons to detox—and probably a million different ways to go about it. But the best detox program targets not just environmental toxins, but also the toxic byproducts of our own body processes, says Karina Miller, a New York holistic wellness coach and weight-loss counselor.

 “I’ve seen from my years in practice that in order to be completely effective, a detox program shouldn’t simply address the toxins we eat, drink, breathe and put on our bodies every day,” Miller says. “Just as important, it must contain the specific ingredients needed to neutralize or eliminate the internal toxins the body creates as it performs its normal, everyday functions.” She suggests looking for the following key components when choosing a detox program:

1)  fiber to scrub the gut, bind toxins and promote their elimination

2)  antimicrobial herbs to kill bad bugs in the gut and maintain healthy flora

3)  targeted nutrients to boost the liver and prevent the accumulation of toxins

4)  digestive enzymes to help the body break down food and assist digestion

5)  a balanced blend of vitamins and minerals to offer safe support during detox

6)  a dietary plan that eliminates problem foods but satisfies hunger

“Without these targeted nutrients to clear out the body’s own biochemical and cellular waste, your body won’t be getting the cleanse it really needs,” Miller says.

Karina Miller practices in Ardsley, NY, and NYC. She offers an 11-day Slim Down Detox & Cleanse program. For more info, call 646.784.2041 or visit