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Medicinal Ozone Powerful Alternative to Antibiotics: Available at Advanced Medicine of Mt. Kisco

Jun 03, 2014 05:34PM

Dr. Raff of Available at Advanced Medicine of Mt. Kisco

During electrical storms, Mother Nature converts oxygen (O2) into ozone (O3). Ozone is very chemically reactive, and for almost a century, science has harnessed it for many purposes. In high concentrations it destroys microbes (bacteria, mold, viruses), and it’s used to sanitize places like swimming pools and food-processing plants because it breaks down to oxygen, leaving no toxic residue.

In medicine, ozone is a natural antibiotic, not only destroying microbes but stimulating and strengthening the immune system, says Neil Raff, MD, of Advanced Medicine of Mt. Kisco. “It is used widely in Europe, but only minimally in this country,” he says. “However, in an era of immune-suppressing drugs and more resistant bacteria, ozone is playing an increasingly important role in patient care.”

At Advanced Medicine of Mt. Kisco, freshly generated ozone is used to treat a variety of infections, especially Lyme disease and viruses such as herpes, Epstein-Barr and hepatitis C. “In the elderly or those with depressed immune systems, ozone has been found to enhance and increase the effectiveness of antibiotics,” Raff says. “It also protects cancer patients from the side effects of chemotherapy.”                             

While there are no known side effects to medicinal ozone, he says, it is powerful and therefore must be properly administered under experienced medical supervision, using a method that minimizes both absorption of ozone through the skin and the risk of breathing concentrated ozone. “It is most effective when given intravenously in a special saline solution, allowing the ozone to penetrate the entire body,” he says.

Advanced Medicine of Mt. Kisco is located at 37 Moore Ave., Mt. Kisco, NY. For more info or a free consultation, contact Dr. Neil Raff at 914.241.7030 or

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