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Meditation and Yoga to Activate Calm, Decrease Stress, Heal Trauma: With Nanci DiBernardo, of Oceanawave Earth Yoga for Health and Wellness

Jun 04, 2014 02:27PM

Nanci DiBernardo

Nanci DiBernardo, a certified 200-hour yoga practitioner with 10 years of teaching experience and more than 20 years of experiential knowledge, now offers personalized yoga for those who have been injured. DiBernardo was also an ice skating coach for 25 years, as well as a Middle-Eastern dance instructor for a decade.

“I know what stressors can be put upon the body and how the mind reacts to pain through my own personal experiences and those of athletes, military and others who remain very active,” says DiBernardo, who teaches at Oceanawave Earth Yoga for Health and Wellness. “Sometimes past injury and trauma are revealed many years later.”

The body’s physical memory does not forget trauma, says DiBernardo, while the mind seems to keep adjusting to a state of equilibrium. “Post trauma injury can show up in either a very subtle way or may be totally unseen,” she says. “The good news is that both the body and its cells can relearn and remember newly introduced positive experiences, which enables healing to happen.”

DiBernardo says she will work with each student to develop a unique yogic plan to fit individual needs, purpose and lifestyle.

For more info, contact Nanci DiBernardo at 914.473.0730, on Twitter @Nancique and Oceanawave Earth Yoga for Health and Wellness or at

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