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Mercury-Related Dementia May Be Reversible: Learn more from Sharp Again Naturally

Lisa Feiner

There is a host of studies linking mercury with brain diseases, and so anyone diagnosed with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease should be tested for mercury toxicity, says Lisa Feiner, co-chair of the Westchester nonprofit Sharp Again Naturally. “Many people in the age group experiencing the most dementia have or have had mercury in their mouths sometime during their lives,” Feiner says. “And some of those people have regained cognitive function when they removed the source of contamination and detoxed the mercury.”

Most doctors don’t automatically test dementia patients for mercury, because they aren’t trained to look for mercury or other heavy metals as a possible cause of brain dysfunction, she says. “In fact, almost half of all dentists are still using mercury to fill cavities, just inches from the brain,” she notes. “There are better options.”

Feiner says natural detox protocols have enabled patients to reverse diagnoses of Alzheimer’s and dementia, and mercury is just one of many possible causes of these devastating conditions. Sharp Again Naturally, a new 501c3 founded in Westchester County, educates the public about causes of dementia that can be tested for and treated. “Symptoms have been reversed, sometimes completely,” she says. “Sharp Again is helping fund a documentary film that features patients, doctors and researchers who discuss the science behind these dramatic results.”

To read more about the link between mercury and dementia, and to see raw footage from the documentary, visit