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Join the Crop Mob to Help Lower Hudson Farmers: Lower Hudson Crop Mob founder and organizer, Deb Taft

Jul 03, 2014 01:04PM

Deb Taft

The “crop mob” idea started in North Carolina several years ago, when a few farmers began helping each other out with large projects. They eventually made helping each other a monthly event, rotating from farm to farm, rather like a modern-day barn raising circle.

Lower Hudson Crop Mob works a bit differently, says its founder and organizer, Deb Taft, who is also the owner of Mobius Fields, a small mixed-vegetable farm in Westchester County. “With our crop mob, farmers with large projects to complete set a date, volunteers sign up via Facebook, and on the appointed date they descend on the farm to get the work done,” she says. “Anyone is welcome to join—you just have to be interested in helping local farms succeed. The work is hot and dirty, but it’s always satisfying!”

Some farmers set a lower age limit based on the type of work to be done, Taft says, so parents of minor volunteers should check to see if there is any age restriction on a particular project.

For info, find and follow Lower Hudson Crop Mob on Facebook, or contact Deb Taft at [email protected]