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Stem Cell Therapy “The Future of Medicine”: with Neil Raff, MD, of Advanced Medicine of Mt. Kisco PC, NY

Adult stem cells, which are produced in the bone marrow and stored in abdominal fat, can now be extracted, concentrated and injected into various parts of the body to stimulate local healing and repair, especially in joints, ligaments and tendons, where blood flow is minimal. Neil Raff, MD, of Advanced Medicine of Mt. Kisco PC, says he’s seen “great success” in his expanded services as medical director at the American Stem Cell Center in Fresh Meadows (Queens), NY.

Raff, who has specialized in functional medicine for more than 30 years, says his ever-expanding interest in complementary medicine has led him to combine his professional medical practices with natural and nutritional therapies and, more recently, stem cell therapy. “We’re practicing the future of medicine right now,” he says. “The orthopedic results alone have been excellent, especially in the elderly, when surgery presents a greater risk. The therapy often prevents the need for surgical replacement, providing more rapid relief of local symptoms.” He says he also sees good results in patients with spinal cord injuries, peripheral artery disease, erectile dysfunction, cardiac disease, strokes and autoimmune conditions.

Stem cell treatment is a one-day, in-office procedure requiring only a local anesthetic. Because the patient’s own stem cells are used, there is no danger of allergic reaction or tissue rejection, Raff says.

For more information, visit To speak with Dr. Raff, call 914.241.7030 or 718.544.1444. The American Stem Cell Center is located at 160-40 78th Rd., Fresh Meadows, NY.