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Natural Awakenings Westchester / Putnam / Dutchess New York

Shamanic Intensive Launches in Beacon, NY: with Shaman Eileen O’Hare, September 2014

Shaman Eileen O’Hare, who has a private healing practice in Beacon, NY, will begin an extended shamanic intensive, Spiral Mesayok Medicine Spiral 10, on September 13, 2014,  in the Beacon area. Gatherings will be held the second Saturday of each month for 16 months.

 “The training is in the bundled mesa tradition of Peruvian shamanism,” O’Hare says. “It’s deep healing for ourselves, our ancestors and the planet. If you have received the Munay Ki rites, Spiral is a beautiful way to deepen your experience of this powerful shamanic tradition.” O’Hare is a legacy carrier in the lineage of Don Manuel Quispe and Don Benito Q’oriwaman. 

Spiral creates a safe and sacred environment in which to do deep spiritual healing, O’Hare says. Members use an email group to connect with and support each other between gatherings and after spiral ends. “Spiritual work is also enhanced by various gatherings during the month,” she says. “The intention is to create and sustain spiritual community. Sacred chanting via the group BlisSing is held multiple times during the month as part of the spiritual practice of connecting with Spirit using sacred sound.” The Women’s Chanting Group meets every Monday night at the Healing House in Beacon.  Everyone is welcome. For info, visit

Eileen O’Hare is available for one-on-one teaching or to travel and teach circles. For more info or to register for spiral, contact her at 845.831.5790 or [email protected].