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Mindful Parenting for the Everyday Parent

Registration is now open for “Mindful Parenting for the Everyday Parent,” an eight-week workshop offered by child and family psychologist Kristy Vanacore. “This workshop gives parents the tools to parent mindfully, allowing their own souls to be nourished while empowering them to raise self-aware, compassionate, responsible children,” Vanacore says.

Now in its third year, the workshop is a part of the Hand in Hand Partners in Wellness Program, an initiative Vanacore created as part of her commitment to facilitating partnerships between homes, schools and communities in order to foster systemic wellness for children and families. She says she’s expanded this year’s program to offer even more innovative insights and user-friendly strategies for busy, tired and overworked parents. “I’ve transformed the latest research into meaningful, practical solutions you can easily use to create harmony within your home,” she says.

Vanacore says participation in the workshop will help parents achieve a number of goals, including improved self-care and inner balance; the ability to parent with compassion, clarity, wisdom and humor; reduced stress and anxiety; greater resilience and self-esteem; healthier conflict management; more respectful, grateful children; the ability to be responsive instead of reactive; improved relationships with spouses/significant others and children; and less negativity in the home.

Kristy Vanacore, a doctor of psychology, specializes in child, teen and family wellness. Her Integrative Psychological Center is located at 334 Underhill Ave., Building 3, Yorktown Heights NY. For registration or for info about upcoming workshops as well as other activities, contact her at 914.497.8006 or [email protected].