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Inner Sanctum Wellness Solutions Now Open in Beacon, NY

Dr. Ingegerd Hanson

Ingegerd Hanson, ND, who has practiced holistic health care for 35 years, both here and abroad, has opened Inner Sanctum Wellness Solutions in Beacon, NY, offering in-house and Skype consultations. Hanson focuses on resolving cellular toxicity and inflammation, which she calls “the number one cause of all diseases today.”

“To get truly well, you need to fix the cell,” she says. “That’s critical to overcoming health issues such as unexplained symptoms and autoimmune diseases.” She says man-made chemicals, mercury fillings and other toxins impair cellular function. “We must remove the source and address the cause,” she says. “This is at the core of my health programs. We live and die by the health of the cell.” Hanson uses biokinesiology muscle testing, evaluation of the saliva and food-sensitivity testing to tailor-make her health programs.

In her office, Hanson also offers bodywork such as Bowen Therapy, a gentle, dynamic system of muscle and connective-tissue moves designed to reset the nervous system, stimulate energy flow and promote healing; Touch Point Therapy, designed to release stagnant or blocked energy in the body to relieve pain and ease mobility; and Ionic Detox Foot Baths with guided meditation, designed to energize and relax. “I want to work with individuals who are 100 percent committed to doing what it takes to take their lives back,” she says.

Inner Sanctum Wellness Solutions is located at 493 Main St., Beacon, NY. For more information, call 845.418.0203 or visit