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Breathing Coordination Method Helps Restore Vitality

Sep 05, 2014 04:51PM ● By Sterling Swann

At birth, most people’s breathing is strong and healthy, as the respiratory system is designed to deliver oxygen with maximum efficiency and minimum effort. The human body is amazingly resilient, and continues to function even when it’s neglected and under the stresses of modern life.

After a while, however, these adverse conditions take their toll in a number of ways, and one of the most serious and arresting is their impact on breathing. When the respiratory system is thrown out of balance, its efficiency declines and we begin to labor for every breath. When oxygen is reduced, every system in the body suffers.

With a little attention, people can become more aware of their breathing and take very basic steps to maintain it. The Breathing Coordination method deals with the involuntary muscles of breathing, their tone and their development. Simple exercises are used to promote a complete exhale and trigger the breathing reflex. This coordinated pattern of breathing is then used to produce sound, strengthening the diaphragm through progressive resistance.

Sterling Swann is a Breathing Coordination practitioner. For more information, visit, email [email protected] or call 914.474.1848. Private and group instructions are available.