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Enjoying a Beautiful Garden: An inviting garden makes people feel happy as they walk up to your front door.

Sep 26, 2014 07:59PM ● By Kate Goodspeed

Garden designed by Kate Goodspeed

A few weeks ago I was invited to someone’s home for a luncheon, and as I turned in the drive, I looked at the planting in front of the house. There was not much to look at: the plants weren’t native to our area, and some of them looked like they had been eaten by deer. I got out of my car with a special annual arrangement filled with pretty plants and left it outside the front door. Then I went inside and said hello, looking around to admire the home’s lovely antiques.

That’s when the question hit me: why was I so unhappy outside the home when I was so happy inside? It was the lack of beauty in the garden. Some plants were eaten, some were too tall, some were too short, and some were simply unpruned and unappealing to the eye. And certainly no plants were native to this area. 

How could anyone forget to make an attractive garden area when they were so eager to show off the inside of their house, which was filled with beauty?

I realized that many people want a beautiful interior yet don’t notice or think about their home’s exterior. But sometimes a beautiful exterior is just a matter of finding someone who can create a lovely garden area filled with native plants, which will not be eaten by deer or other animals and do not need much water. Perennials, shrubs and some annuals are beautiful winners that can help make the outside of a home as pleasurable as the inside, leaving us feeling joyous.

After making the inside of your home a happy, beautiful place, remember to tend to your gardens and make the exterior of your home more delightful, too. An inviting garden makes people feel happy as they walk up to your front door. Enjoy what happens when you become attracted to your home and your garden.

Kate Goodspeed is the owner of Goodspeed and Company, based in Cornwall, NY, which offers landscape design and consulting throughout the tri-state area. Among its services are landscape planning, garden renovations, planting design and garden maintenance. Goodspeed can be reached at 845.534.5741 or [email protected] or visit

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