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Herbalist’s DVD Demonstrates Traditional Home Medicine

Nov 05, 2014 03:26PM

In celebration of her 25 years in practice, New York-based master herbalist Andrea Candee, author of Gentle Healing for Baby and Child, has created a video of one of her favorite workshops to help parents take charge of their family’s wellness with natural remedies based on traditional home medicine. 

“Great-grandmother was wiser than we thought,” Candee says. “She was self-reliant, and she knew how to make use of what was around her. So can you. I made this DVD so that people all over the country—not just those in my vicinity—can benefit from my most popular workshop.” 

Among the subjects covered in the video:

How to rely on the health food store rather than the pharmacy by using safe, nontoxic remedies.

Easy-to-understand techniques for adults and children to get well and stay well. Includes treatments for colds/flu, headaches, insect bites, injuries, inflammation, and intestinal and other issues.

The use of produce for natural health care: onions for sprains and coughs, bananas for splinters, garlic for infection, cayenne peppers for first aid, ginger for nausea, lemon for mucus, and lots more.

How to develop a personal first-aid kit and stock an herbal medicine cabinet.

How to make poultices, medicinal teas, compresses and packs, herbal rubs and cough syrup, with step-by-step guidance for preparation and use.

How to engage families in their own wellness, empowering them with tools for a lifetime of good health.

Running time: 78 minutes. To order: [email protected] or