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Personal Empowerment Tip

Nov 07, 2014 12:55PM ● By Michael B. Finkelstein, MD

Dr. Michael Finkelstein

When you think about personal empowerment, what comes to mind? Strength, beauty, the ability to get and control what you want?

And what, if anything, do these “external” things have to do with wellness and how you feel inside?

The fact is that the most powerful people, those who influence us in important ways, do so because they radiate energy, not necessarily because they can lift a heavy object or leap tall buildings in a single bound. And their strength doesn’t come from the outside. Instead, it draws from an inner alignment—in particular, alignment between integrity of purpose and passion on the one hand, and truth on the other.

Of course, many of these same people also take really good care of themselves, from the inside out. The alignment of which I speak includes wholesome nutrition, the cultivation of relationships, movement and connection to nature, and balance between activity and quiet downtime.

Assuming you want more power, for any reason, it’s essential that you begin with these basics.

Then work on greater alignment with your purpose and passion. Be more of yourself, and you will be most powerful.

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