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Natural Awakenings Westchester / Putnam / Dutchess New York

Good Relationships are Essential for Good Health: Individual counseling and group programs offered

Dr. Michael Finkelstein & Robin Queen

Achieving balance and maintaining peace in our relationships is essential to our wellbeing on many levels. Dr. Michael Finkelstein and Robin Queen know this firsthand, and they offer personalized programs at SunRaven to support individuals and couples through the interpersonal challenges they face.

For people already in relationships, the couples are guided to develop effective communication and dialogue skills; to learn what it takes to give and receive; and to develop mutual goals that make sense and keep them happy and fulfilled. “We also help them find the right spiritual balance, which makes it easier to hold space and honor differences in order to grow as individuals and together,” Finkelstein says.

For those seeking a more fulfilling relationship—whether with a significant other, a child, a parent, family or community—SunRaven offers individual counseling and group programs. “We help each person find the state of wellness that opens the heart, an essential first step in any sacred endeavor,” Queen says.

Underlying all of this work, Finkelstein says, is “a deep understanding and cohesive integration of the body and mind, wrapped within a caring community and a healing space, that will help you make the changes you’ve been longing for. Indeed, the best barometer for our health is reflected in the quality of our relationships. All are therefore invited to join us at SunRaven as we help each other find the health and love we seek.”

For more info, visit and, or call 914.218.3113.