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Trauma-Sensitive Yoga Brings Healing: Golden Temple Yoga Studio in Katonah, NY

Jan 24, 2015 07:14PM ● By Robin Miller

For physical and mental health reasons, it’s important to address the constant state of stress that can result from trauma such as PTSD, childhood trauma or sexual assault.

Kundalini Yoga offers an effective way to restore the rhythmic balance in life that gets disrupted by trauma. By re-regulating the brain and other aspects of physiology, including the nervous and glandular systems, Kundalini reduces symptoms such as sleep disturbance, anxiety and mood swings. Kundalini Yoga also builds self–efficacy, which helps trauma clients address their feelings of powerlessness and loss of control in their lives. Then it can go one step further to help them restore their original identities and regain the essence of who they were before the trauma.

Through Kundalini Yoga, feelings, memories and experiences often get released in the movement, breath, sound and meditations of the practice. For additional support, many students combine Kundalini Yoga with mental health therapy.

I specialize in integrating these two healing modalities, often using specific Kundalini practices to help clients deepen and strengthen their healing. For example, if one of my clients experiences a childhood abuse memory, I might teach him or her to start the day with an eleven-minute meditation that addresses the feelings of panic triggered by the memory. 

Kundalini and mental health therapy can be complementary in several ways. Sometimes feelings surface through Kundalini and are then supported in therapy; other times feelings that surface directly through therapy can be supported by Kundalini practices. In my experience, the interaction and intersections of Kundalini and therapy support the biggest healing breakthroughs.

Those interested in trauma-sensitive yoga classes should contact me at Golden Temple Yoga Studio. The focus at Golden Temple includes Kundalini yoga, meditation, gong relaxation, aquarian sadhana, art and yoga, yoga and therapy, group and individual therapy, and specialty workshops and community events. We create a sacred space for deep practice that results in a more fulfilled life, and all levels—from beginner to advanced—are welcomed, accommodated and developed. We also offer teacher training, which is a transformational process that is continually supported through ongoing mentoring and peer-to-peer learning.

Robin Miller, licensed mental health counselor, is owner of Golden Temple Yoga Studio, located at 223 Katonah Ave., Katonah, NY. For more info, contact the studio at 914.232.3473 or [email protected], or visit