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Natural Awakenings Westchester / Putnam / Dutchess New York

Holistic Psychotherapy Synchs Mind, Body, Spirit: At the Center for Health and Healing in Mount Kisco, NY

Melanie Ryan

Melanie Ryan, LCSWR, director of the Center for Health and Healing, has a new approach to mental health, and it’s entirely holistic. A holistic psychotherapy session integrates modern psychotherapy with ancient healing practices, and Ryan can incorporate practices like meditation, yoga, past-life regression, energy healing, shamanism, crystals and essential oils as part of her clients’ sessions.

“I work intuitively and mindfully, paying very close attention to the healing needs of individuals in the moment,” she says. “A session can go in many different directions depending on what arises. I believe we are a whole being—an emotional being, a physical being and an energetic-spiritual being—therefore, we must learn to meet the needs of all three to fully thrive.”

Ryan is trained and knowledgeable in traditional psychotherapy as well as positive psychology, yoga, Buddhist meditation, energy healing, reiki, shamanism, homeopathy and nutrition. “At the Center for Health and Healing, we design a wellness plan that integrates and synchronizes all the states of our existence,” she says. The center has psychotherapists, body therapists, energy healers, nutrition counselors, meditation teachers, yoga teachers, fitness experts and other healing professionals. “Our center has several holistic psychotherapists, each applying their talents of alternative healing into their sessions,” she says. “Our practitioners are as unique as our clients.”

The Center for Health and Healing is located at 153 East Main St., 2nd floor, Suites A1, D3 & H3, Mount Kisco, NY. For more info, visit and see their practitioner profiles, or call 914.260.1696 for a consultation.