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Garden Design Meets Energy Healing for Healthy, Beautiful Spaces: Lia Russ has joined forces with Adhi TwoOwls

Adhi TwoOwls and Lia Russ

Lia Russ, creator of On Site Organics and Divine Garden Design, has joined forces with Adhi TwoOwls, the former owner of The Zen Gardener, to create a holistic gardening experience.

“Adhi works with land and place spirits, creating unique blessings and ceremonies to address specific issues,” says Russ. “There are many different reasons to work with the spirits of the land, from knowing that trauma occurred on your property in the past or simply feeling that things are not quite right, to having problems arise when you have tried to grow or create there, to simply wanting to achieve the healthiest, most productive gardens or balanced spaces.”

On Site Organics is a company committed to bringing fresh, nutritious, non-GMO, organic foods from a client’s growing site to their door step. Divine Garden Design is dedicated to creating beautiful, long blooming gardens, of all kinds. Russ says she’s excited to add TwoOwls’ energy awareness skills to her team.

"Now were working on every level, from state of the art to the state of the heart of the land, to bring people the freshest, healthiest foods and the most beautiful, balanced healing spaces possible,” says Russ. “Adhi, who is currently on the board of trusties for the American Society of Dowsers, can dowse for water and identify energy lines, toxic energies, and other noxious forces. She uses her training as a shaman, along with her knowledge of energy, to promote healthy environments and plants.”

For more information, visit or call 914.329.3325.