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BodyCures Creates Natural Paths to Wellness and Healing: A Conversation with Dan Court

Mar 28, 2015 04:14PM

Dan Court

Dan Court is passionate about his work, which means he’s passionate about the simple concept behind his complex job. “Balance is key,” he says. “The whole body must be balanced nutritionally, energetically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually in order to attain optimal health and wellness.” As director of Holistic BodyCures, Court specializes in finding that perfect balance for the individual client. He says he and his staff guide clients past their health issues to new, unprecedented levels of wellness and vitality.

Since there are no “one size fits all” answers to health problems, it is frequently a specific combination of healing modalities that leads to the most effective results, he says. The focus at BodyCures is on nourishing and supporting the body as a whole, and so Court and his staff create customized programs of care that enable the body to reduce and eliminate the stressors, deficiencies and imbalances that are often the underlying cause of health issues. “When the body is supplied with the proper nutrients and healing techniques,” he says, “toxins are released and the body begins to repair and rebuild itself.”

Court recently sat down with Natural Awakenings to talk about the work he does at Holistic BodyCures.

What healing modalities do you use in your practice?

We incorporate a unique combination of different holistic healing modalities that have worked effectively for thousands of years, exemplifying the teachings of pioneers in the fields of organic, whole-food nutrition; energy healing; and quantum physics. Among those are targeted clinical nutrition using the highest quality herbal blends and whole-food nutritional supplements, food and dietary counseling, detoxification programs, emotional and energetic balancing techniques using the Emotion Code and the Body Code, Qigong healing, reiki and sound therapy. We also offer distance-healing sessions and thermography services. Through the right combination of these time-tested, safe and natural methods, we provide answers, offer genuine hope and provide natural healing solutions to support and care for the whole being.

How do you determine what issues need to be addressed?

We are experts in applied kinesiology—or muscle testing—which is an energetic method of communicating with the body’s innate intelligence. This noninvasive procedure enables us to identify imbalances in the body, including nutritional deficiencies, allergies and food sensitivities, electromagnetic radiation, environmental toxicity, emotional issues and structural imbalances. Once we identify the root causes of a client’s imbalances, we can identify the best course of therapy for success. Then we develop a customized, whole-body healing program for that client.

What sets you apart from other holistic wellness practices?

For each and every person that comes to BodyCures, we see a unique individual. We look at the various systems within the body—the digestive system, the endocrine system, and so forth—to identify which of them might be imbalanced or malfunctioning, as opposed to looking at symptoms, which are the result—not the cause—of imbalance in the body. Our work is all about removing whatever interferes with normal body function and making recommendations to support the systems of the body. We focus on educating, coaching and motivating our clients toward optimal health. In essence, our clients become our family, and we care for them accordingly—recommending customized nutritional programs, energetic balancing, holistic health counseling, dietary recommendations, and a positive attitude and enthusiastic spirit.

Do you treat people of all ages?

Absolutely. As our female clients see their health improve, they’re bringing their children, and even their husbands, in to see us. Women tend to be the caretakers for their families, and they’re seeking safe, natural solutions to their own health challenges as well as preventive care for their families. They trust their intuition and know innately that they need to address not only their symptoms and the obvious health challenges they are facing, but also the lifestyle choices underlying those challenges. They often tell us they’re frustrated with their current health-care system—they know that there are natural, holistic alternatives available that are not routinely offered to them through western medicine. In fact, most people who come to us have been referred by friends or family members who have been able to turn their own lives around for the better and want the same results for their loved ones. BodyCures provides real, definitive answers to their questions and offers natural solutions and genuine hope.

What is your focus for the future?

Our goal is to become a leading provider of proven integrative wellness practices and information, and to identify, learn and implement new healing modalities that are beneficial to our clients. As we’ve experienced firsthand with ourselves, our families and our clients, gradual improvements made over time can lead to tremendous results in overall health and well-being. People can be well again and thrive—not just exist. We want to share that message with as many people as we can.

Holistic BodyCures is located at 2013 Crompond Rd., Yorktown Heights, NY. For more info, call BodyCures at 914.962.0101 or [email protected], or visit