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Quick Compost Process Requires No Turning: Custom Aerated Static Pile systems from Compostwerks

Mar 28, 2015 07:33PM

A standard ASP system. They can be sized and built to the customers specifications.

Aerated Static Pile—or ASP, for short—is becoming the most widely accepted safe composting process, says Peter Schmidt, cofounder of Compostwerks in Mt. Kisco, NY. “It does not involve any turning,” he says. “You simply add your brown and green compostable materials into your bin, and when it’s full, you turn on a programmable air pump that provides ample oxygenation. These systems are scalable, from one cubic yard—home size—to very large commercial sizes. They can even run on solar energy.”

The ASP system is good for producing high-quality composted material, Schmidt says. People who want to compost yard waste, kitchen scraps, manure or any natural product quickly can do so in 30 to 60 days, with no turning involved. The result is a dark, soil-like product that can be used in the garden or lawn or in beds bordering homes. “Since this system takes advantage of vertical space, ASP is a tidy option for limited outdoor spaces in urban areas,” he notes. “We have many systems that add aesthetically to the owner’s property. No more hiding the compost bin in the corner.” Each ASP comes with directions for set-up and minimal start-up consulting.

Compostwerks is a complete wholesale distributor of organic land-care products in the Northeast. “As a local business located in Mt. Kisco, we’re a proud supporter of local businesses that help grow our food locally,” Schmidt says.

For more info, call 844.266.9375 or visit, which includes a 2015 product catalog.