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Book News: Slow Medicine: Hope and Healing for Chronic Illness: By Michael Finkelstein, MD

Apr 05, 2015 07:06PM

Slow Medicine: Hope and Healing for Chronic Illness

By Michael Finkelstein, MD

William Morrow, $15.99

In this book, endorsed by top health and wellness practitioners including Mehmet Oz, MD, and Andrew Weil, MD, Dr. Michael Finkelstein takes readers by the hand and walks them through his concept of Slow Medicine: a methodical, step-by-step process of asking questions that lead to awareness that turns into action that results in optimal health.

“If we are chronically sick, tired or depressed,” he says, “we need an examination that both includes but goes beyond the exact location of our symptoms. That’s because everything is inter-dependent—muscles and nerves, bodies and minds, people and planet. Each connecting thread has a domino effect on the other. Toxins in our neighborhood, for example, may cause liver damage, effectively compromising our immune system, leading to chronic illness that makes us unable to work or get out of the house—leaving us isolated, broke and, as a result, severely depressed. In this scenario, the quick-fix of antidepressants will overlook the root of, and therefore the solution to, our depression.”

Finkelstein is founder and director of SunRaven: The Home of Slow Medicine in Westchester, NY. His book offers real hope for the chronically ill while reminding them that a quick fix for health is no fix at all.

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