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Nettle May Provide Relief from Spring Allergies: With Karine Gordineer, owner of Green Girl Herbs & Healing

Nettle (Urtica dioica), often referred to as “stinging nettle” for the stinging “hairs” present on the live plant, has a long history as a highly nourishing, healing herb. Karine Gordineer, owner and founder of Green Girl Herbs & Healing in Hopewell Junction, NY, says anyone wanting to weather allergy season without pharmaceuticals shouldn’t overlook the humble nettle.

“Nettle has a rich iron content, and so many Native American women used nettle infusions to rebuild and strengthen their bodies during and after childbirth, and even as a rinse to keep their hair shiny and healthy,” Gordineer says. “Nettle strengthens the kidneys and urinary system and acts as a gentle diuretic. It has so many uses, not the least of which is in aiding spring allergy sufferers. Its tonic effect on the adrenals and the respiratory system make it excellent for helping relieve the agony of allergy season.”

It’s best to begin taking a daily cup of nettle tea four to six weeks before allergy season starts, continuing throughout the spring. “Unlike pharmaceuticals, many herbs need to be taken for weeks in order to have the greatest benefit,” Gordineer says. While nettle has been used throughout history as food for humans and livestock, and it’s safe for daily use, pregnant and lactating women should consult with a health-care professional or herbalist before adding nettle to the diet.

For more info about using herbs for better health, call Green Girl Herbs & Healing at 845.592.4609 or