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NuSpecies: Personal Passion Becomes Healing Profession: An interview with Aston Farquharson

Aston Farquharson, founder of NuSpecies

With his background in corporate law, Aston Farquharson could have chosen to continue on that safe career path rather than becoming an inventor and entrepreneur. But passion’s a funny thing. After watching the terrible toll that disease took on his own family members, he was determined to invent a new, natural way to help others avoid their fate. The result, NuSpecies plant-based nutritional formulas, has been a remarkable success—not just for Farquharson, but for thousands of people who’ve experienced healing with the support of NuSpecies products. Last month we talked to Farquharson about how his personal passion turned into a healing profession.

You’re a scientist and a lawyer. What made you want to start your own health company?

Growing up, I nursed my father through prostate cancer until his death. My mother had the most severe form of diabetes and had one amputation after another until she was wheelchair-bound. Diabetes eventually took her life. My brother died from congestive heart failure. I knew there must’ve been something natural in addition to their medical care that could’ve given my family a better quality of life, or maybe even saved their lives. Before and after getting my law degree and eventually working in corporate America, I studied chemistry, physics and herbs. I wanted to understand the laws that govern the human body and how plants empower the body to function optimally. After being granted patents by the US Patent Office for my inventions in technology, I decided to invent plant-based nutritional formulas that are powerful enough to help people with the same health issues my family suffered from. They work very well.

Tell us about NuSpecies’ formulas and what makes them special.

NuSpecies supports our clients to rebuild their health from conditions ranging from allergies to cancer. Our formulas are designed with a specific combination of whole-food plant extracts at high enough concentrations to support the body in rebuilding, as opposed to just supplementing. NuSpecies’ whole-food plant extracts are raw, organic or wild-crafted, 100 percent natural, and liquid—a combination of qualities that’s hard to find. The original formula was focused on helping people with cancer, tumors, cysts and abnormal growths live better and longer. I incorporated herbs like graviola, pau d’arco, hawthorn berry and bee pollen because physics and organic chemistry indicate that they would help people. We knew if we could help people with cancer, we could likely help people with most other health challenges, too. This would give us the greatest potential to help the most people. In ten years, we have proven this thousands of times.

In what health areas have you seen the most success with your products?

Because of the unique combination of our nutritional formulas, our services, and our dedicated team of certified health professionals who provide all our managed client care, we haven’t found a health condition we haven’t been able to support a client with to some extent unless they’re at the end stage of life and literally dying—and we’ve even been able to help many of those clients. Success is dependent on our clients’ goals: some just want to reduce the side effects of their medication, and some want to get off medication altogether. Others are trying to avoid a surgery or rebuild their health before they get officially diagnosed with a condition. The most common health issues we are helping folks with at this time are cancer, hypertension, diabetes, prostate issues, fibroids and menstrual issues, autoimmune diseases and digestive issues.

Instead of a sales team, you have in-house nutritionists who work with potential clients one-on-one to provide health consultations and make recommendations. Why did you decide on this business model?

Yes, we have a team of certified health professionals who work in our five offices seven days a week. The combination of our powerful nutritional formulas and qualified, passionate health professionals to serve our clients gives NuSpecies the best chance to help every client to some extent or another. Many people come to NuSpecies because they know someone who has gotten results with a serious health condition, and they are looking for the same results. Our company has grown because of this word of mouth, and so we believe it is our responsibility to have the proper infrastructure to support our clients and meet their expectations. Right now, that means hiring only certified health professionals to work in our offices, even to answer the phones. In addition to their professional training, NuSpecies health consultants undergo rigorous six-month to one-year training specific to our company. That’s how we’ve maintained such a high level of success.

What’s next for NuSpecies?

We’re looking to grow to other cities where many of our clients reside, particularly in Connecticut, Florida, Georgia and California. We won’t grow at the expense of quality, however, so right now we’re just laying the groundwork. When all the pieces come together, we’ll have the privilege of reaching more people who need our help.

For more info about NuSpecies, call 845.440.7458 or visit

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