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Safe Yard and Garden Supplies Special: At Mill River Supply in Bedford Hill, NY

Jul 05, 2015 01:21PM

Lee Apgar, Kimi Apgar, Rick Apgar and Kyle Von Elm

Mill River Supply in Bedford Hill, NY, might be a small, family-run business—on any given day you can expect to find three generations of Apgars on the shop floor—but it’s been a local trailblazer in offering gardeners safe and effective ways to take care of their plants naturally.

“We take pride in the number of natural and organic products we offer,” says Lee Apgar, co-owner of the 30-year-old store. “We have a broad selection of natural insecticides, fungicides, weed killers, fertilizers, and other such products; in fact, we now offer more natural items than chemical.” She says the store’s “grass guru,” Rick Apgar, is a longtime advocate of organics. “Back in the day, Milorganite was a favorite of his, and he was one of the first people around to bring in BurnOut weed killer. We’re continuously looking for new and improved items you can use on your plants without harming pets or people.” Mill River offers tool-sharpening services as well.

The store’s staff also takes pride in its knowledge about gardening and the products they sell, Apgar says. “If you have questions about a garden pest, or you’re perturbed that your lawn isn’t growing, you can ask Rick. If he doesn’t have an answer for you, he will find one. Lee and Kimi, his daughter and granddaughter, have picked up his know-how and are willing to help in a flash.”

Mill River Supply is located at 365 Adams St., Bedford Hills, NY. Say Lee sent you to get a 15 percent discount. Contact the store at 914.666.5774.