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Certified Hypnotherapist Brings Services to Westchester: Ralph A. Gonzalez is back in New York

Jul 05, 2015 02:12PM

Ralph A. Gonzalez

Native New Yorker Ralph A. Gonzalez is known for using hypnosis and guided visual imagery with patients and staff in medical settings to facilitate recovery, stress relief and relaxation and help them harness the power of positive thinking. Now a new resident of Yonkers, Gonzales is using his professional skills to help groups and individuals manifest their desires and realize their full potential, giving them the tools to live more fulfilled lives.

“I am thrilled to be back in New York and able to offer my unique services to people here,” he says. “I have a genuine interest in helping humanity, and I’m inviting my new neighbors to let me help them live the most amazing life imaginable.”

Gonzalez earned a master’s in health administration and is a certified hypnotherapist and life motivator. His professional work has achieved local recognition, including a report by News12 New Jersey (see the video at “Participants in my presentations are amazed to find that they provide stress relief, relaxation and overall positive energy,” he says. “I have developed and use many unique therapies and incorporate dream therapy, handwriting analysis and the Taoist system of healing and life enhancement in my practice. I also utilize a process known as toning, which dates back to the 14th century and uses sounds and vibration to evoke immediate relaxation, reduce anger, enhance brain power and relieve muscle tension.”

Gonzalez conducts presentations to groups and works one-on-one with individuals. For info, contact him at 917.391.9701 or visit