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Three Local Business Owners Impact the World

Dr. Jodi Kennedy sharing a meal with girls from the House of Refuge in Cambodia

Dr. Jodi Kennedy

House of Refuge

Dr. Jodi Kennedy, owner of Integrity Chiropractic, in Mahopac, had a life-changing experience on a mission trip to Camodia this past summer with a team from Calvary Chapel of Westchester. During her stay, she visited hospitals, prisons, red light districts, slums, villages and the House of Refuge to offer much-needed chiropractic treatment and medical support.

“Because Cambodia is a third world country, the people have never heard of a chiropractor or an applied kinesiologist,” explains Kennedy. “The majority of the population suffers from chronic pain, AIDS, tuberculosis and other physical ailments.” The mission team educated the Cambodians on proper dental hygiene, wound care and the proper use of vitamins and anti-inflammatory medications. One of the highlights of Kennedy’s trip was helping a woman walk again who has been paralyzed for five years.

“A lot of their [Cambodians] physical ailments are linked to poor diet and posture,” Kennedy notes. “After seeing first-hand the devastating effects of a diet high in monosodium glutamate and refined sugar—from rotten teeth to rampant numbness and tingling—it has made me even more dedicated to working with my patients to help them adopt healthy eating habits. My experience there has also made me even more committed to teaching my patients the value that simple daily exercises can have on a person’s overall health.”

The House of Refuge is a Christian non-government organization that rescues human trafficking victims and offers them a new life, providing a safe home, a college education and a job while they get their degree.

For more information or to make a donation, visit or send a check with “Cambodia 2017” in the note to Integrity Chiropractic, 11 Miller Rd., Mahopac, NY 10541.


The Kaushik Family

One Life At A Time

Dr. Somesh N. Kaushik, owner of Dr. Kaushik’s Ayurvedic and Naturopathic Clinic, in Cross River, and his wife, Dr. Neeru N. Kaushik, have been offering free medical camps in rural India during their Christmas breaks since 2008. Traveling with their three children, Neha, Sagar and Esha Kaushik, the family provides free medical care, supplements and food to thousands of low-income individuals.

Through their work with women at the medical camps, the Kaushik family became acutely aware of the lack of educational opportunities available to girls in India. The Kaushiks created the One Life At A Time Project in 2012 to address this important issue. The organization is dedicated to empowering India’s young girls and women through education and healthcare.

Both Drs. Kaushik took an active role in the medical camps, whereas Neha, Sagar and Esha took an active role in the educational part of the organization from its inception, working to raise money and promote awareness of the project. Their hard work paid off. In 2016, Neha, Sagar and Esha were invited to California to represent One Life At A Time and participate in the Clinton Global University Initiative Project. They met President Bill Clinton and exchanged ideas with similar organizations.

One Life At A Time plans to start five new schools in the next year for girls and women, along with hosting medical camps in December and March. These lifesaving projects depend on volunteers and donations to work effectively. Somesh encourages individuals to find their fulfillment in giving. He says, “Happiness cannot be purchased and satisfaction comes from within. I have seen a lot of what we consider ‘disadvantaged’ families but they have faith and are satisfied with whatever they have. Doing something for a fellow human being who is not as fortunate as many of us are brings so much peace and happiness, which you can only experience by being a part of giving.”

For more information or to make a donation, email [email protected] or visit


Rosemary Devlin

Shalom Center for Conflict Resolution

Rosemary Devlin is the founder of O2living, in Cross River, a company that sells 100 percent cold-pressed, organic non-GMO fruit and vegetable juices. While she is committed to offering her healthy products to the local community, Devlin also has a passion for helping a community on the other side of the world, in eastern Africa.

Working closely with Father Patrick Devine and The Shalom Center for Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation in the tribal communities of eastern Africa, Devlin helps to promote peace, truth, justice, mercy and reconciliation. The duo has developed relationships with community and tribal leaders in peace workshops and trainings in both rural and urban settings, helping to build, renovate and bring solar power and crucial supplies to schools. The organization promotes non-violent societal transformation; peace, truth, justice and mercy; integral human development and security; environmental integrity; and respect for local culture and traditions.

“Our goal is to end the cycle of violence and war, primarily in eastern Africa, through peacebuilding, human development and reconciliation,” explains Devlin. “In the coming years, Shalom plans to bring its successful model of conflict resolution to other communities and countries in the region where violence continues to destabilize societies and people are unable to meet their basic human needs and fulfill their potential. Shalom is guided by the philosophy that conflicts are essentially about inadequately met human needs. It also upholds the philosophy that the end of physical violence—mere negative peace—in a conflict needs to be followed up by reconciliation among the parties so that the peace can endure.”

For those interested in giving to the Shalom Center, Devlin adds, “Please support our mission of peace. We cannot do it alone. Any gift helps to bring peace and reconciliation to many thousands of people.”

For more information, visit or visit