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Healing Chronic Illness Requires a Whole-Life Approach: The Slow Medicine Immersion: 12 Weeks to a Complete Transformation of Your Life and Health

Michael Finkelstein, MD

Chronic illness typically sets off an avalanche of problems. It’s a pattern that Michael Finkelstein, MD, knows all too well. “Physical limitations lead to restrictions on working, socializing and engaging in activities—in turn causing depression, weight gain, isolation and financial struggles that feed on the original problems and exacerbate the illness,” he says. “It’s a never-ending cycle that can throw people into a pit of despair.”

Because of the complexity and chain reaction of problems stemming from chronic illness, even integrative medicine doctors can miss the “lynchpin” for resolving the issue, leading people with chronic illness to become chronic patients, Finkelstein says.

“To activate the lynchpin for good health, it is essential to take a comprehensive inventory of each aspect of your life and explore how to optimize your wellness on every level—the physical; the mental-emotional; your connection to nature, community, and the divine; your life’s purpose; and your relationships,” he says. “Given the in-depth nature of this journey, it is key to receive the medical expertise and guidance of a rigorously-trained doctor and the therapeutic support and emotional nurturance of a professionally-trained counselor.”

To address that need, SunRaven: The Home of Slow Medicine, has introduced “The Slow Medicine Immersion: 12 Weeks to a Complete Transformation of Your Life and Health,” facilitated by Finkelstein, “the slow medicine doctor,” and Robin Queen Finkelstein, “the slow medicine therapist.”

“Through this program, patients receive compassionate and comprehensive support through every step of getting well,” he says. “The program offers the best of conventional and holistic modalities of healing, in a treatment plan that is uniquely customized for them.”

To schedule an introductory session, contact SunRaven at 914.218.3113 or [email protected] For more info, visit