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Coaching Program Develops “Peaceful CEO That Profits”: With Maureen Jacobson, owner of MCJ Business Advisors

MCJ Business Advisors’ new “CEO Mindset Mentor” program offers a new angle on business coaching. It’s designed to help the owner of any kind of business, conventional or otherwise, become “a peaceful CEO that profits,” says MCJ owner Maureen Jacobson.

“Many holistic and spiritual practitioners may shun the acronym ‘CEO,’ feeling it’s too bold, wreaks of conventional business, or feels too egotistical,” Jacobson says. “But conscious business owners can indeed be called CEOs—and I strongly suggest that they see themselves as such.” As conscious business owners grow more inspired, she says, they often become more dissatisfied and overwhelmed with their work. “They desire more but aren’t sure what direction to take,” she says. “At times they’re unable to launch a new project or complete an existing one that would otherwise bring more satisfaction or more money.”  

Jacobson uses her diverse skill sets to help guide business owners through rough waters. She’s trained in energy healing and business astrology and has extensive experience in business development, marketing and sales. Her goal is to capture clients’ creative thoughts and weigh them against their goals to create a realistic action plan for business growth. “Once a plan is established and we start implementing it, the client becomes peaceful in their approach to business and life, as they know where they are going and how they will get there,” she says. “A peaceful CEO profits in so many ways.”

To schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Jacobson at 914.815.1552 or [email protected], or book an appointment at