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New Classes: Get More Done with Less Stress: With Susan Lasky Productivity Solutions

Susan Lasky

Beginning in mid-October, Susan Lasky Productivity Solutions will offer two new programs for smart people who feel overwhelmed or held back by executive function challenges like time management, organization, prioritization, activation (getting started) or completion. Both programs offer practical training and the support of others with shared concerns. 

The weekly online/phone group Accountability is intended for any adult who has been postponing a project or needs support to finish one, Lasky says. The focus is on learning new skills to help accomplish specific goals. There will be direct coaching, buddy support and training that includes Lasky’s program “How to Get Out of Your Way & Get Things Done: The 7-Step PowerPlan to Success,” along with keys to time and project management, work-life balance and prioritizing self-care, practical organization strategies, tips for successfully establishing routines, and the psychology of getting things done and avoiding being overwhelmed. The group will meet by phone eight Tuesday evenings and have a private online forum for members to share wins and get encouragement when they hit a pothole.

October is ADHD Awareness Month—“a good reason to begin my in-person ADHD/Executive Function support group,” Lasky says. The group will meet every other Thursday evening in Ossining, NY. Lasky will lead these six sessions, which will combine discussion, support, coaching and education.

Details will be posted soon at For more info or to ask about individual coaching, call 914.373.4787 or email [email protected]