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A Method to Improve Brain Processing for Peak Performance: At Sensory Stepping Stones in Mt. Kisco, NY.

The Sensory Stepping Stones Clinic in Mt. Kisco offers an innovative, therapeutic way to improve timing, processing, sequencing, stamina and productivity at home, school, work or on the athletic field. The process increases the ability to focus on tasks in people of various ages and abilities.

“In our Peak Performance training, we evaluate how a person is currently performing, processing and reacting when they are in a peak mental zone,” says Executive Director Melissa Bianchini. "We then practice how to achieve this state more consistently. We want the person to become focused but remain calm in their mental training.”

Bianchini says that her method involves looking at the timing of processing in the brain, to improve it for coordination, consistency, and accuracy. “Just as with other skills in life, mental zone training is a skill that requires practice,” she says. “It’s not hard, but it does require practice.”

The Peak Performance modules offered at the clinic are based on an individual’s initial evaluation and address auditory processing, tactile stimulation and reaction, proprioception, balance and vestibular training, eye exercises, breathing exercises, and endurance training. 


Sensory Stepping Stones is located at 83 South Bedford Road, Suite 201 in Mt. Kisco, NY. For more information or to schedule an evaluation for the Peak Performance Modules, contact the Sensory Stepping Stones clinic at 914.244.4101 or email [email protected] Visit them online at