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Success Goes Beyond Planning, Hard Work: Money, Magic & Miracles Mindset program with Susan De Robertis

Susan De Robertis

Conventional wisdom says that financial freedom comes down to hard work and good planning. But Susan De Robertis, owner of Venus in Transit Coaching, turns conventional wisdom on its head with her group program Money, Magic & Miracles Mindset, which begins in October.

De Robertis says she learned from hard experience that work and planning aren’t enough. “Years ago after my divorce, I was on my own, having to create a new life for myself and generate a steady income. It was difficult, challenging and stressful to constantly keep all my balls in the air—pay my bills on time, save and invest money, grow my new business, and live the life I wanted. The harder I worked, the more planning I did, it made no difference. Then I discovered what was underneath and the one thing that was driving it all.”

De Robertis says participants in her program will explore how they are spending their time, energy and money; create a “personal money map”; and learn the secret to financial stability and a more fulfilling life. “In a sense, they’ll discover how they would live if money didn’t matter,” she says. “I know the concept sounds delicious—and impossible. But imagine knowing how to create the life you really, really want for yourself, and then actually living it.”       

Money, Magic & Miracles Mindset is a small group program that also includes private coaching time with De Robertis. For more info, call 914.450.9292.