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New Book Is How-To for Clearing the Skin Naturally: Radiant Skin from the Inside Out by Dr. Alan M. Dattner

Oct 30, 2015 10:57AM

Dr. Alan M. Dattner has been integrating nutrition, applied kinesiology and holistic medicine into his New York dermatology practice for more than 30 years. Now Dattner has published a new book, Radiant Skin from the Inside Out, intended to help readers heal their skin and inflammatory disorders holistically and often without prescription drugs.

Dattner is founder of Holistic Dermatology and Integrative Medicine, which has offices in New Rochelle and NYC. In Radiant Skin, he shares treatment methods that address physiology while also emphasizing nutrition, supplements and fixing the digestive system to rebalance a patient’s underlying condition. He says his goal is to help readers and their doctors interpret their dermatological problems and responses and guide them through a multi-system approach to healing their skin using primarily natural methods. “One treatment does not work for all patients with the same disease,” he notes. The book covers the value of holistic medicine, the relationship between inflammation and the skin, and how to prepare for successful treatment. It also covers specific skin conditions, including sunburned and prematurely aged skin, acne, dandruff, eczema, hives and psoriasis.

“Radiant Skin is a masterpiece,” says Dr. Leo Galland, author of The Allergy Solution. “Alan Dattner has been at the forefront of holistic approaches to skin disorders for over 30 years. He’s distilled decades of clinical experience, exploration and wisdom into this wonderful book.” 

Radiant Skin from the Inside Out: The Holistic Dermatologist’s Guide to Healing Your Skin Naturally is currently available for purchase on Amazon for $19.99. For more information, visit