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Life Balance Program for Women Launches in June: Heather Novak on Whole-Person Perspective

For many women, maintaining proper life balance is not easy. The stressors that they face these days can take a toll on their health and may be doing more damage then they realize, says Heather Novak, a women’s health educator and coach. In June, Novak is launching a new coaching program designed to help women manage stress and achieve a healthy life balance.

“When working with women, it is important to check in on their whole life and assess how they are being supported from a whole-person perspective,” she says, explaining that if one area is out of balance, other areas usually shift as well, causing the potential for much deeper health issues to arise. “Hormones are one particular area where women sabotage their health without even realizing it. PMS, food cravings, hypothyroid issues, exhaustion, lack of sex drive and excess weight gain are just some of the signs of hormonal imbalance.”

In her health-coaching program, Novak takes women through the five aspects of whole health—physical, nutritional, emotional, environmental and spiritual—to find balance, regain energy and restore the joy in their lives. “I work with women in all stages of life who are ready for a shift in their health and wellness,” she says.

For more info, contact Heather Novak at [email protected] or 914.420.3674.