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Safe and Effective Detox Program: with Dr. Michael Wald

Jun 30, 2016 01:37PM ● By Julianne Hale

Dr. Michael Wald

Detoxification is a common practice these days. People from all walks of life detox for health and beauty benefits, using one of the many products and plans on the market today. While detoxing the body can have a positive impact on overall health, there is no one-size-fits-all program and it can be difficult to find a detoxification plan to suit each person’s individual needs. Dr. Michael Wald, director of longevity services at Integrated Nutrition of Mount Kisco, dispels some common myths about the detox process and discusses how he helps clients find the program that is right for them.

Dispelling the myths

“Most detox efforts these days are entirely ineffective and misleading,” says Wald. “For example, we are always hearing about the best detox program, tea or product but what some people do not understand is that different toxins require different methods and approaches of detoxification. Mercury, for instance, can potentially be detoxified with n-acetyl-cysteine and EDTA but no amount of chlorophyll or bentonite clay can remove it from the body.”

“People also tend to confuse elimination with detox. Detox does not have to hurt,” contends Wald. “I have had dozens of patients over the years who went through plans that were promoted as detox efforts and felt terrible, only to find out that their symptoms indicated that they were actually hurting themselves.”

Individuals undergoing detox programs often report that they know the program is working because their bodies feel so much better. Wald notes that this is misleading. “Respectfully, how one feels often has nothing whatsoever to do with the effectiveness of detox efforts. It is important to make sure that a program is working. I always verify that not only the toxin or toxins have been removed but that all organ systems are left unhurt and repaired,” he explains. “Remember, the toxin did not accumulate without the contribution of the individual’s susceptibility to the toxin. Thus, the cells, tissue and organs must be repaired beyond simple detoxification.”

D-Tox Phases

Deciphering the body’s needs

Wald has created DTOX, a line of concentrated food and natural compound products designed to target the inflammatory, immune, neurological, hormonal, nutritional and overall reparative systems of the body. Individuals are dosed based upon his Longevity Panel, a detailed lab work up that checks virtually every body system, allowing Wald to use a whole-body reparative approach for each client.

“Everyone detoxes daily whether they know it or want to,” notes Wald. “Each cell, tissue and organ system is literally built to protect and detox itself but, as we all know, it does not always work effectively.” The Longevity Panel includes testing, detailed questionnaires and a consultation.

Different Plans for Different Bodies

After conducting his Longevity Panel, Wald recommends one of his customized DTOX products to patients. “The detox must be based on the needs of each individual,” he explains. “My DTOX I, II, III, IV and V concentrated food products and my highly active inflammatory mediators and essential fatty acids serve as the basis. The lab work, health history, goals and my experience and research tell me the rest.”

While the ideal scenario includes the Longevity Panel followed by a detailed recommendation, Wald’s detox plans are safe to use for everyone. “Following the suggested dosages is a gentle and easy way to supplement one’s diet and potentially improve overall health. I determine the combinations and dosages of my detox and other products and healing methods for what each person actually needs without the need for guess work.” Relying on feelings instead of empirical evidence can have serious health consequences, warns Wald, recalling a patient who was detoxing for symptoms that turned out to be a flare of her neuro-Lyme disease.

While many detox plans require individuals to follow a pre- and post-detox protocol, Wald’s program does not. “I create a plan that is made for the individual so there is no need to provide separate pre- and post- advice. The life plan I recommend includes teaching my patients how and when to detox properly from beginning to end,” he says.

A recipe for success

Wald’s individualized approach requires him to become familiar with his patient’s health history and current medical status. This substantially improves the success and safety of his clients’ detoxification plans. “I spend a lot of time teaching my clients so that I know they have the skills to care for themselves with only an occasional check in with me,” explains Wald. “I provide simple and proven at-home tests that can help people balance their blood pH, determine the exact time it takes for toxins to pass through their digestive tracts, figure out if their vitamin C supplement is working and dosed right for their needs and other practical healing routines.”

Source: Dr. Michael Wald. Integrated Nutrition of Mount Kisco is located at 86 Smith Ave. For more information or an appointment, call 914.242.8844, email [email protected] or visit Listen to Dr. Wald’s 15 minute detox shows online at