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New Product Line Blends Aromatherapy with Cannabidiol: Promise of Healing

Shira Adler, certified past-life regressionist, and Andy Kadison, a media and culture expert, have teamed up to launch a new product line, Beyond the Spectrum CBD Aromatherapy Synergy Sprays. “Each spray in the Beyond the Spectrum line is made from a proprietary blend of four to five pure essential oils along with a healthy dose of Cannabidiol (CBD), which acts as a super-charger to bring out the most enhanced efficacy in each blend,” Adler says. “For those new to CBD, it’s the anti-inflammatory, non-psychoactive, totally legal component of cannabis leading the medical marijuana revolution.”

By combining the power of two ancient, natural healing tools, aromatherapy and cannabis,

Beyond the Spectrum holds the promise of helping users cope with an assortment of physical, spiritual and emotional issues, including anxiety, depression, recovery from cancer treatment, PTSD, autism, sleep disorders, childhood epilepsy, addiction and many more medical and lifestyle afflictions, Adler says. Beyond the Spectrum’s flagship product, Smile, was designed for children, especially those “overmedicated and undertreated” children on the spectrum and their parents and caregivers.

“Smile helps users restore a connection with the outside world, lessen symptoms of disregulation and ADHD and minimize opposition, and generally shifts anyone into a more loving, more peaceful place,” she says. “While no claims can be made, small sample groups who’ve used Smile have indicated extremely positive, almost immediate results across a range of ages and users.”

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