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Natural Awakenings Westchester / Putnam / Dutchess New York

Dowsing Transforms the Energy of a Home: Quantum Dowsing Services

Jeanie Pasquale

Jeanie Pasquale says she became interested in the energy-clearing method known as “dowsing” after witnessing its effects herself: she saw a home that had been on the market for four years sell just a few days after it was dowsed. She experienced the benefits of dowsing more personally when she cleared the home of a friend whose son was constantly sick. When the boy’s health quickly improved, she says, “I knew I could help people in a way that would transform their lives.” Now Pasquale, who has also studied feng shui, offers Quantum Dowsing services for area homes and offices.

Marie Diamond, a transformational teacher, speaker and author, created Quantum Dowsing to help people transform themselves by finding and clearing negative vibrations in their home or office and enhancing the positive energy centers. “If you are feeling stuck or suffering from a recurring illness, or even seeking greater health or abundance, dowsing may be able to help you on your journey,” Pasquale says. “By clearing the air, positive things can come your way.”

It’s important to realize that energy and vibrations that we cannot see or hear can affect us, positively or negatively, she adds. “We may feel their affects upon us or our families and in our household or office. By addressing these vibrations, you can transform your home or office, and your life.”

For an appointment or more information, contact Jeanie Pasquale at 845.709.5245 or [email protected].