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Himalayan Salts on Sale at Custom Candle in Bedford Hills: All-Natural and Aesthetically Pleasing

For Marcie Manfredonia, owner of Custom Candle Co. in Bedford Hills, adding Himalayan salt products to her store’s unique offerings made perfect sense. Like the non-toxic, eco-friendly candles and personal products the shop is known for, Himalayan lamps and bath salts are both all-natural and aesthetically pleasing, she says. Plus there’s an added health bonus: “Himalayan salts help improve the air quality in your home.”

A number of health benefits have been attributed to Himalayan salt, including reduced asthma and allergy symptoms, better sleep, increased energy, and a boost in mood and concentration.

In addition to a variety of salt lamps and bath salts, Custom Candle Co. sells sea salts by the pound (scented and unscented) and, for horse owners, Himalayan salt licks on ropes. Customers especially like Himalayan salt rocks that can be filled with customized candles, Manfredonia says.

In August, Custom Candle Co. is offering Natural Awakenings readers 10 percent off Himalayan salt products as well as a free sample.

For more information, call 914.218.8357 or shop online at Custom Candle is located 25 Depot Plaza, Bedford Hills, NY.