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Personal Empowerment at Lifeline Hygienics : Empowering A Mind-Body-Spirit Connection

Aug 30, 2016 11:10PM

Tovah Nahman

Lifeline Hygienics in Rye has been serving clients in the tri-state area since January 1993, and while colonics is its core business, its mission goes much further, says owner Tovah Nahman. The ultimate goal is empowering clients—not just by teaching them about nutrition, but also by strengthening their mind-body-spirit connection.

“Of course diet plays a big part in colon health, but having our minds aligned with our bodies is paramount to having a good colonic,” Nahman says. “To me, colonics are all about releasing or letting go. Releasing on a physical, emotional and spiritual level makes a colonic so much more productive. Some people don’t know how to let go; they have the lifelong habit of holding on to things that don’t serve them. I have been guiding people to let go of their emotional, mental and spiritual blockages, as well as their physical ones.”

Nahman also teaches personal empowerment—encouraging clients to take control of various situations or thoughts that plague them. “Empowerment is letting go and taking charge of yourself and whatever situation you are in,” she says. “Being able to let go of what holds you back—physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually—gives you a sense of freedom and inner peace. And who doesn’t want that?”

Lifeline Hygienics is located at 150 Theodore Fremd Ave., Ste. B15, Rye. For more information, call 914.921.LIFE (5433) or visit

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