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Sound Therapy Stimulates Relaxation, Boosts Immunity: Reduction of Stress at Holistic Wellness Alternatives

Aug 30, 2016 11:10PM

Daniel Court

While sound therapy is becoming an increasingly popular method to promote relaxation and reduce stress, it also appears to provide another benefit: stronger immunity. “What studies are now finding is that the relaxation that results in a sound session is a biological reaction within the body, and the use of sound can physically improve the body’s immune system,” says Daniel Court, owner of Holistic Wellness Alternatives in Yorktown Heights.

Research shows that sound therapy stimulates relaxation by releasing nitric oxide within the body, Court says. According to a study published by the Neuroscience Research Institute at the State University of New York, nitric oxide boosts immune, vascular and neural function; is antibacterial and antiviral; and promotes blood flow. This means that the use of sound “has the potential to protect an organism from microbes and physiologic disorders such as hypertension,” the researchers concluded.

Holistic Wellness Alternatives offers sound therapy as a separate service or as part of a member’s customized program of care. “Our work is all about removing interferences to normal body function and supporting the systems of the body with superior-quality herbs, whole-food nutritional supplements and different holistic modalities such as sound, or tuning fork, therapy,” Court says.

Holistic Wellness Alternatives is located at 2013 Crompond Rd, Yorktown Heights. For appointments call 914.962.1155 or email [email protected]. For more info, visit