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Laser Light Therapy Painlessly Treats Toenail Fungus: Holistic Podiatrist Pamela Hoffman

Americans love their morning showers—many of us can’t start the day without one—but there’s one area we tend to forget in our hygiene routine. “Feet are the least-washed part of the body,” says holistic podiatrist Pamela Hoffman. The result can be thick, yellow nails, which are best treated with a hygiene protocol combined with laser light therapy, she says.

“For my patients with fungal nails, I encourage the daily use of a nail brush and an antifungal soap like FungaSoap by Pedifix,” she says. “But one of the best treatments for fungal nails is laser.”

Hoffman uses a 10-watt laser to painlessly penetrate the nail bed and kill fungal spores in three very brief sessions. She might also prescribe topical products and supplements to enhance healing. “It can take a year for fungal nails to grow out,” she says. “This is a good time to get laser treatments so your nails will be ready for next summer.”

Laser light therapy is also effective for relieving or resolving pain, swelling or tendinitis of any joint, she adds. “This modality can be much more efficient and effective than traditional physical therapy. Patients are amazed at how quickly they feel better. After even one short session, symptoms decrease.”

Hoffman practices at Katonah Podiatry, whose board-certified holistic podiatrists provide foot care for people of all ages. “Our customized treatments utilize the best of today’s technology combined with nutrition and 30 years of experience,” she says.

Katonah Podiatry is located at 200 Katonah Ave., Katonah, NY. For more info, call 914.232.8880 or visit