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Fall Cleanse Can Relieve Summer Symptoms: Detox Expert Brigitte Shotiminrin

Brigitte Shotiminrin

As a detox expert, Brigitte Shotiminrin of WellSpring Holistic & Green Health Center often recommends a cleansing during certain times of the year. Early fall is one of them.

Shotiminrin says a summer seems to bring on specific symptoms, such as crankiness, sluggishness, fluid retention, gut problems and even arthritis flare-ups, and those symptoms can be relieved with a three-week, personalized detox plan. “The human body is complex,” she says. “It takes several mechanisms working together to keep the body fit and healthy, which means a multifunctional approach to therapeutic treatment.”

A personalized detox program through WellSpring includes a combination of therapies, such as marine-based body contour and detox wraps, Aqua-Chi detoxifying foot baths, colon hydrotherapy, ear candling and Nutrition Response Testing. “Clinical nutrition, lifestyle adjustments and a maintenance program are also necessary to correctly target purification and detoxification, weight loss and youthful vitality,” Shotiminrin says.

WellSpring Holistic & Green Health Center is located at 1415 Boston Post Rd., Ste. 5, Larchmont, NY. For info or appointments, call 914.341.1246 or visit