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Optimal Health Chiropractic Specializes in Treating Children

Dr. Seth Peal with young client.

Dr. Seth Pearl, a frequent speaker on television, on radio and in schools, can trace his passion for chiropractic to his childhood, when he had chronic neck issues. Now, as a pediatric and family-trained chiropractor, he focuses on working with children, particularly those with special needs. After 17 years of experience treating various conditions, he says, he’s found that many common childhood health issues can be linked to disturbances in the spine and effectively relieved through chiropractic.

“Spinal disturbances cause nervous system imbalance, and the nervous system controls every aspect of health and wellness—it’s the main factor in our ability to adapt to the environment around us,” he says. “When obstacles get in the way of the expression of the nervous system, problems can arise. Some of these problems can be ear infections, allergies and other childhood issues, which I’ve had impressive results treating.”

Pearl’s holistic approach takes into account all factors that can contribute to the health and development of the child. He also provides state-of-the-art diagnostic testing to identify small disturbances in the spine that can cause nervous system imbalance. “Once we identify and correct issues within the nervous system, true health can flourish,” he says.

He makes corrections using a gentle instrument called the Ultralign, which takes the place of any snapping or cracking of the spine. He also uses a variety of bodywork techniques, like craniosacral therapy, to help with alignment.

Pearl will be giving free phone consultations in October for Natural Awakenings readers. Call 914.777.3200 to schedule. Optimal Health Chiropractic has offices in two locations: 2179 Boston Post Rd., Larchmont, and 39 Smith Ave., Mt. Kisco. For more info, visit