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Natural Awakenings Westchester / Putnam / Dutchess New York

NuSpecies: Bridging the Gap in Healthcare

Most people have a healthy respect for traditional medicine and the lifesaving treatments and procedures that scientists and medical professionals have developed over the years. Many of us also understand the benefits of proper nutrition, supplements, chiropractic care and alternative therapies. Unfortunately, these two treatment options—while equally important—often seem mutually exclusive for patients struggling to find a balance between the two. NuSpecies, with locations in Beacon, Westchester, Long Island and Brooklyn, is determined to change this.

Aston Farquharson, president of NuSpecies Foundation, explains, “NuSpecies’ health centers currently provide free health consultations with certified nutritionists/life coaches. The staff uses the information gathered in these consultations to make customized recommendations of their raw, organic, liquid and natural nutrition formulas and work with clients to achieve their health goals. Now we will provide more. We’re well on our way to finally creating an environment where patients can pursue natural options to rebuild their health without relinquishing the support of medicine. In many cases, natural practitioners and medical practitioners are at odds. NuSpecies is proud to say we’re committed to bringing together the best of both worlds in our ongoing reengineering efforts.”

In pursuit of truly integrative health care, NuSpecies has hired staff nurse practitioners and registered nurses to perform health consultations, analyze blood work and lab test results from doctors, review medications and utilize a patient database certified by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) to store health information and book appointments. Perhaps the most important role of their health centers’ nursing staff will be to serve as a liaison between the natural health plan created at NuSpecies and traditional medical doctors and practitioners.

“Together with our nutritional staff, NuSpecies’ medical professionals will provide our clients with the integrative guidance, education and coaching they need to achieve optimal health,” says Farquharson.

This integrative care plan will allow NuSpecies to help all clients improve their health, regardless of their medical status. “In our experience with thousands of people over the last 10 years, we’ve found that our clients fall into one of four categories,” notes Farquharson. “The first is a very healthy client that lives as naturally as possible and rarely sees a doctor. The second is a client who is trying to rebuild their health naturally and has an ongoing relationship with a prescription, a few doctors and possibly a chiropractor or nutritionist. The third type of client is one who has been diagnosed with a disease and is refusing any medical treatment in favor of trying to rebuild their health using exclusively natural methods and the fourth category is a patient who is caring for a sick loved one who is in need of integrative care but is struggling to get them to try medical treatment or healthier living options.”

“Regardless of which health solution our clients choose, NuSpecies is in the process of growing our operations and reengineering our infrastructure so that we can properly support their varying health needs,” claims Farquharson.

NuSpecies Headquarters is located at 427 Main St., in Beacon. For more information or an appointment, call 866.261.8886 or visit