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Thermography Is Preventive Tool for Breast Health: Expanding to Westchester County

Oct 04, 2016 10:59PM

Patricia Bowden-Luccardi

Patricia Bowden-Luccardi, a certified thermographic technician and certified whole-health educator, has expanded her breast and full-body thermal imaging practice to include Westchester County. She will be working with Dr. Timothy Morley, who offers hormone-balancing therapy at Today’s Medicine in Mount Kisco and White Plains, and with Kara Bohack, who performs Nutritional Response Testing and holistic healing and nutrition in Poughkeepsie.

“Both modalities dovetail beautifully with thermal imaging,” says Bowden-Luccardi. “Thermal imaging is a noninvasive, radiation-free, painless screening test that detects physiological changes in the breasts or body that are produced by developing pathology or disease. Because it can be preventive in nature, I have witnessed dramatic changes in women’s health.”

That preventive application is a critical difference between thermography and mammography, she notes. “Thermography can detect problems early enough to use preventive measures, rather than detecting disease at a stage where treatment is imminently required. Thermography is perfect for denser breast tissue that makes it difficult for mammograms to detect abnormalities.”

Exposure to environmental toxins called endocrine disruptors are particularly concerning in breast health, she says. “These chemical byproducts mimic the effects of estrogen in the body and cause estrogen to act in a way that isn’t normal. These estrogens affect breast tissue with distinct heat patterns that can be seen on thermal imaging. Thermography can provide us with a visual image of these heat patterns, allowing us to assess the severity of this syndrome.”

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