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Natural Awakenings Westchester / Putnam / Dutchess New York

Helping Children and Families with Slow Medicine: Regaining Health in Body, Mind and Spirit

Oct 30, 2016 03:18PM

Dr. Michael Finkelstein and Robin Queen Finkelstein with family at SunRaven.

Dr. Michael Finkelstein, M.D. and his wife and partner, Robin Queen Finkelstein, work together at SunRaven, the home of Slow Medicine, in Westchester, a wellness center on a working farm that serves as their living and work space. The couple provides an innovative and comprehensive wellness plan for individuals, couples and families called Slow Medicine Immersion (SMI). The 12-week program helps clients achieve balance in all areas of their lives.

“The health of a family is dependent on several factors working well together: each individual, the environment, the community and more,” explains Michael, who is known as the Slow Medicine Doctor. “SMI for families is dedicated to helping people achieve this balance. Families come to SunRaven for most of their appointments and are able to transparently see myself and Robin, known as The Slow Medicine Therapist, as living expressions of the principles of Slow Medicine.”

“In addition to working with individuals to deal with the stress in their lives, the past and their feelings about life, Robin is skilled in supporting and optimizing communication between couples and between parents and their children,” continues Michael. “I, on the other hand, address the interrelationship between a healthy body, a healthy environment and the skills of living that make this practical. In addition, I can address the symptoms and medical issues that often complicate life and discuss complementary and alternative systems of healthcare.”

Robin and Michael also work with clients in their own homes, which can offer unique insight into their lives that is difficult to achieve in a professional setting. Michael explains, “Most often therapists and other practitioners see people in a professional office. While this is useful, there is something invaluable about seeing the real environment in which people live. It allows for very subtle observations to guide and influence our recommendations and, maybe most importantly, develops an even greater, more trusting and healing relationship between Robin and I and our clients. In particular, children feel uncomfortable in a sterile environment. Their home provides a sense of safety and familiarity that allows them to open up more and be receptive to the process. Bringing the entire family together also supports the essential aim, which is to restore harmony among the individuals that compose a household.”

Seeing families in their homes offers additional insight when it comes to nutrition as well. “Most people have some sense of what to eat but they have a hard time making adjustments and shifting away from the foods they realize are not wholesome,” says Michael. “When we go into someone’s home, it allows us to know where the honest starting point is. From there, we can build on practical recommendations, step by step, to move closer to the ideal. No longer are the recommendations arbitrary. Instead they are embedded into the reality of what exists.”

With a comprehensive philosophy that includes compassionate support through every step of restoring each individual’s life and regaining health in body, mind and spirit, Robin and Michael’s SMI program provides families a real opportunity for complete healing. This healing can be particularly effective for the youngest members of the family. Michael explains, “Often young children are affected by the stress of the world around them. This may manifest in the form of digestive problems, headaches, mental and emotional issues and more. More children are prescribed medication for these conditions than ever and most parents are concerned about this reliance on drugs but can be apprehensive about letting them go. Instead, they want someone who is knowledgeable, thoughtful and caring about proposing and incorporating alternatives into their lives. Robin and I can provide this type of care to our clients, as well as help parents manage their stress and learn to communicate effectively with each other, both of which can have a significant impact on their relationship with their children and their partner. Only by combining these many factors can families get the entire result they desire: healthy relationships.”

For more information about SunRaven and Slow Medicine Immersion, call 914.218.3113 or email [email protected].