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The Healing Field Now Available on DVD: Award Winning Documentary

Oct 30, 2016 03:18PM

Penny Price

The Telly Award-winning documentary The Healing Field: Exploring Energy & Consciousness, is now available on DVD on Amazon for $24.99 or by special order from Price Media for $22 including shipping. The 82-minute documentary was produced, directed and written by Penny Price (Lavin), who has practiced energy medicine since 2000.

The Healing Field discusses breakthroughs in energy medicine, quantum physics and genetics, and how our old healthcare models, which rely on surgery and prescription drugs, are being challenged by mind-body and energy-based healing techniques. While many of these techniques are centuries old, they are now being studied worldwide, often with remarkable results, Price says. Her documentary features renowned experts and energy-medicine practitioners and relates stories about healing and self-healing practices. Ultimately it explores how this quantum shift in understanding is affecting our health, our society and our future.

The Healing Field was called “a beautiful and meaningful film” by the Woodstock Museum Film Festival and “an important contribution to our consciousness and humanity” by the Green Brain Initiative.

Experts featured in the film include Bruce Lipton, PhD, cellular biologist; Lynne McTaggart, consciousness spokesperson; Beverly Rubik, PhD, biophysicist; Candace Pert, PhD, neuroscientist; Hyla Cass, MD, integrative medicine expert; Ron Lavin, founder of One Light Healing Touch Energy Healing & Mystery School; Kenneth Cohen, qigong master; Gerald Epstein, MD, mental imagery expert; Gary Renza, qigong instructor; and Melodee Gabler, sound healing practitioner.

To order the DVD at a discount, visit and click on Special Orders, or contact Price at 845.878.5165 or [email protected].

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