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Natural Awakenings Westchester / Putnam / Dutchess New York

Life Coach Helps Clients “Rewrite Internal Software”: With Leah Wilson-Watts

Leah Wilson-Watts

Leah Wilson-Watts, who officially started her life coaching business in the Westchester area in June, has an interesting metaphor for her job, which includes career coaching and corporate services: “I help people rewrite their internal software.”

She says most people wishing to achieve personal goals don’t realize why affirmations, positive thinking, goal writing, reading self-help books and attending seminars garnish few results. “The results are minimal because you may have information stored in your subconscious mind that is out of alignment with your conscious thoughts; this internal conflict is usually the cause of your unrealized desires. While most people know that they may have repressed thoughts that are impeding their ability to achieve their personal goals, what they don’t know is how to reprogram them.”

A certified life coach with a master’s degree in school counseling, Wilson-Watts is a facilitator of the PSYCH-K, a psychological process that can be used to improve life mentally and physically. She is also certified in hypnosis and neuro-linguistic programming. Her life coaching services include reducing stress and anxiety, enhancing career opportunities, developing meaningful relationships, eliminating destructive habits such as smoking and overeating, and releasing post-traumatic stress.

“Since we are unaware of our inner gifts, we tend to view ourselves as powerless in how we live our lives,” she says. “The people I’ve worked with receive great results realizing their personal power.”

Wilson-Watts works with adults and children and is available for private sessions, seminars and workshops. For more info, visit or call 718.812.5166.