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O2living Debuts New Bottles for Its Organic Juices: Cold-pressed, organic, non-GMO fruit and vegetable juice, now in smaller size bottles

Dec 08, 2016 08:45PM

O2living, which makes cold-pressed, organic, non-GMO fruit and vegetable juice, now offers a smaller size with updated labeling for its original four flavors: Fresh Start, Green Vitality, Carrot Kick and Red Radiance. Founder and CEO Rosemary Devlin says the new packaging is more convenient and affordable for consumers and helps them know what they’re getting: juice that’s never watered down, with no added sugars or sweeteners. O2living products are available at and in stores throughout the NYC area.

Previously available only in a 16-ounce bottle, the new 12-ounce size retails at the lower cost of $6.99, expanding O2living’s consumer base for cold-pressed juice, Devlin says. “As a premium brand, this additional line of 100 percent juice allows for consumption of the juice in a perfect snack size or in addition to a meal,” she says. “While the 16-ounce bottle was often considered a meal replacement, the 12-ounce is great for a grab-and-go snack or for the health-conscious consumer looking for a beverage to accompany a meal.”

While the packaging maintains the shape of the 16-ounce option and also uses PETE1 plastic bottles, the new label states the key difference between O2living and its competitors: No Added Water. “We want to make it clear to consumers that O2living is 100 percent juice, not 14 percent, not 89 percent. Our main ingredient is and always will be a fruit or vegetable—never filtered water.”

O2living is located at 6 Yellow Monkey Village, 792 Rte. 35, Cross River, NY. For more info, visit


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