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Empowered By Nature Offers Aroma Acupoint Therapy: Aroma Acupoint Therapy involves the topical use of plant-based essential oils within the paradigm of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Jan 27, 2017 01:24PM

Lorraine Hughes

Aroma Acupoint Therapy (AAT), which involves the topical use of plant-based essential oils within the paradigm of Traditional Chinese Medicine, is the latest service offered at Empowered By Nature in Fishkill. It is available as a stand-alone (usually 30-minute) session or as a complement to Reiki and/ or hand/foot reflexology. “The combination of those results in a profound experience,” says Lorraine Hughes, sole proprietor of Empowered By Nature.

“AAT employs the use of high-quality, high-vibration essential oils in a clinical aromatherapy topical application,” she says. “Herbs are positioned through the energetic rivers of the human body and mind—that is, the acupuncture points—vitalizing one’s health. The philosophy and aim of this holistic therapy is to first to enhance and balance the individual constitution, thereby preventing the development of disease. Essential oils affect both the body and the psyche and resonate with creating an innate sonic vibration.”

Hughes begins every AAT session with a short discussion of the client’s symptoms and health concerns, in conjunction with energetic pulses taken on both wrists. Based on this assessment, she designs an individualized treatment plan and places essential oils on specific acupuncture points. She concludes each session by taking the pulses again to assess the subtle shift of energy, or qi (chi).

Lorraine Hughes is a registered herbalist and certified qigong instructor. Her practice, Empowered By Nature, is located at 1129 Main St., 2nd Floor, Fishkill, NY. For fee schedules, refer to her services page at For more information about AAT, visit Contact Hughes at 845.416.4598 or [email protected]

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