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Katonah Yoga and Apothecary Supports Home Practice: Advice and tools for setting up an efficient, effective home practice.

Katonah Yoga and Apothecary

While a general yoga class allows you to be communal and participate with others, a home practice allows you to be reflective and develop personal techniques in a personal space, says Nevine Michaan, owner of Katonah Yoga and Apothecary, which offers advice and tools for setting up an efficient, effective home practice.

“A home practice is based on personal time management and a ritualization of time and space,” she says. “To ritualize time, know how much time you have. Use time to your advantage, and manipulate time with the count of your breath. Establish a beginning, middle and end to your practice, and make your space your own. Set yourself up for a practice where you can sustain your effort and achieve your goal.”

To help yogis ritualize their space, Katonah Yoga and Apothecary features a few key props, including Manduka alignment mats with hand illustrations, wooden blocks, buckle-clasp straps, woven cotton blankets and double-handled sandbags.

Another essential to ritualizing a space and soothing the soul is aromatherapy, Michaan says. For this purpose, the apothecary offers candles by Woodlot and a range of essential oils to be used in elegant wooden diffusers.

“As you place yourself in the center of your circumstances, make your space your own for your home practice, knowing you are developing personal techniques in a personal space,” she says. “You are participating in personal well-being and are establishing good habits for personal insight, so that ultimately you will find joy and be grateful.”

Katonah Yoga Apothecary & Tea Room is located at 39 Main St., Bedford Hills, NY. For more info, visit