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New Treatment for Scar Tissue: The treatment of scars with cold laser has a wide variety of benefits.

Dr. Jodi Kennedy

Integrity Chiropractic is now offering cold laser therapy to manage chronic health problems caused by scar tissue. “The treatment of scars with cold laser has a wide variety of benefits, including improved range of motion, decreased pain, improved strength, decreased stress and overall improved body function,” says Dr. Jodi Kennedy, owner of Integrity Chiropractic.

Any scar, no matter how old or new, is a potential source of irritation to the central nervous system, Kennedy says. Scars from shaving, stretch marks, cesarean sections and body piercings are just a few of the common scars that can create a problem.

“The negative impact that scars have on a patient’s health is profound,” she says. “Many patients with chronic problems that have not responded to other forms of treatment have found great success and are now experiencing significant improvement with the addition of cold laser therapy.”

Kennedy, a doctor of chiropractic who is certified in cold laser therapy, says she has found the technique to be very effective with her patients.

Integrity Chiropractic offers a free 20-minute consultation. For appointments, call 845.628.7233 or visit Integrity Chiropractic is located at 11 Miller Rd., Mahopac, NY, in the Gorman Professional Park.